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Volcano Surfing and Leon

It’s been four beautiful days with Ryan. ManaguaTrue to form, we have been having an absolute blast. The first day we headed directly to Leon, where we still are. Our first night was spent enjoying the simple pleasures of cheap beer and good conversation. Leon Erin went to bed early, leaving us to soldier on alone late into the night.

The next day we spent walking around the city of Leon, an old colonial city. We went to the local market,Leon seeing a couple of interesting piles of iguanas and piggy banks, but nothing else too out of the ordinary. The cathedral on the city square is the largest in central america, which says quite a bit, but it was, well, a bit squaty, not like the lofty structures typically found in Mexico. All the same, it was a beautiful place. We had a bit of an issue trying to get onto the roof. Leon First, they said it wasn’t open until 2pm. Okay, we’ll return. So at 2pm we returned, and the same youngster doorkeeper said that we had to walk all the way around the church to buy tickets to the roof. Remember, this is a large cathedral, so that’s not necessarily a small trek. So we enter a creepy little room, which is clearly haunted, buy our tickets and return to the church to head up to the roof. LeonWell worth it. We had free reign to go wherever we wanted to. It was great to get an aerial view of the city and put it in perspective. We played in the bells and made some funny pictures, truly enjoying ourselves in a very dorky way.

The following day, the 18th, we had decided to go volcano boarding. Volcano BoardingWhat a fun experience. We piled in the back of a pickup truck, drove an hour out to Cerro Negro, where we proceeded to climb the short volcano, breathing sulfur the entire way. We checked out the crater, which was fuming yellow and beautiful. When you put your hand on the ground, it was too hot to touch. That’s how close we were to underground lava. It was heating the very ground we walked on. Then we had the opportunity to hop on a tobogganVolcano Boarding and slide down a scree slope, exceeding 40 degrees in steepness. I won the top speed of the group, clocking in at a whopping 69kph (43mph). All of us ended up on the bottom of the slope with black faces and volcano rocks in our smiles. Absolutely a great time. We returned from the excursion where they served us free mojitos, letting everyone hang out together to relive the experience. From there, it progressed late into the night, finishing at a club where we danced our sandals off.

Today is a quiet day, Ryan and I spent some time walking around, taking pictures of the murals describing the revolution which celebrates it’s 30th anniversary today.Leon The highlight was a painting of Ronald Reagan holding a shotgun and sitting on top of a bleeding indigenous women with a big smile on his face. You just can’t think up things like that. Tomorrow, we’re planning on leaving for the Isla Ometepe on the Lake Nicaragua. It should take a full day of travel, but it’ll be good to move on.

It’s been a fun few days.

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The contrast, in the bar picture, between Ryan and Todd is striking. Nice to have state side friends share a bit of the experience in something other than the blog.
Safe Travels!

Awesome. I’m jealous of Ryan. Come on, Volcano tobaganning? Hilarious political murals? Pubs where you can take curiously familiar pictures of yourselves…. 😉 I only wish we could do cool stuff like that when you’re back in KC. Good post. Regan never looked so comfortable.

I think Jackson would have melted on that Volcano!

Happy birthday brother!

Love, Lisa

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